The Forensics Practice.


Dr. Blotcky is regularly asked by Courts, attorneys and individuals to conduct family court custody evaluations and assess the psychiatric status of individuals regarding a variety of issues.

Forensic Consultations

Dr. Blotcky conducts forensic psychiatric evaluations, reviews all documents relevant to the matter, makes collateral contacts, conducts interviews, writes reports and testifies in court. Some examples of such cases include:

  1. The evaluation of custody and possession issues in divorce and modification matters, providing a written report to the court and when necessary providing deposition or court testimony.
  2. Psychiatric evaluations of tort matters, including liability and damages.
  3. Conducts the evaluation of the allegations of the abuse of a child including emotional, physical and sexual in both family court matters and civil litigation.
  4. Evaluates the appropriateness of grandparents seeking possession of a grandchild.
  5. Custody evaluations focused on geographic restrictions.
  6. Determine psychological distress from work related sexual harassment.
  7. Forensic consultation regarding allegations of medical malpractice including suicide and inpatient standard of care.
  8. Consultation regarding medical malpractice including suicide and the appropriateness of inpatient care.
  9. Assessment of therapist-patient boundary violations.

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Clinical Experience Supporting Forensic Consultations

Dr. Blotcky relies on his training and experience in his extensive clinical practice of over 30 years in conducting these forensic evaluations. He has been very active in a wide variety of professional organizations including the AACAP, AAPL, and has spoken by invitation to a variety of legal organizations and courses including for the University of Texas School of Law “Effective Cross-Examination of Mental Health Experts: Re-Shrinking the Experts”, the Marriage Dissolution Conference and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.