The Clinical Practice

 Dr. Blotcky's Clinical Practice consists of a third children, third adolescents, and a third adults. He has seen thousands of patients with a wide variety of disorders. He provides compressive outpatient physiological evaluations, and multimodal treatments including individual psychotherapy, psychopharmalogical treatments, parental guidance and family therapy. 

Objectives and Goals of the Clinical Practice

 Dr. Blotcky, after conducting a comprehensive evaluation outlines the diagnostic issues and comes to an agreement with his patients about their problems. It is important for him to make an alliance with his patients. The treatment plan is then reviewed, including reasonable treatments options, with their positive and their risk profiles. The treatment plan is then regularly reviewed regarding its effectiveness. 

Next steps to getting the help your family needs


Dr. Blotcky recommends the importance of patients’ considering not only the specific problems for which they are seeking help, but also considering those factors that may impact problems, bring together the relevant documents from previous treatments, psychological testing, educational records and any other information that will help their process move more efficiently.